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Phonecalls and texts to be logged - Information about all landline and mobile phone calls made in the UK must be logged and stored for a year under new laws.

Data about calls made and received will also be available to 652 public bodies, including the police and councils.

The Home Office said the content of calls and texts would not be read and insisted the move was vital to tackle serious crime and terrorism.

But critics said it was another example of Britain's "surveillance society".

The new law, under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000, was signed off by Home Secretary Jacqui Smith in July.

It requires phone companies to log data on every call or text made to and from every phone in Britain.

'Different uses'

Since 2004, companies have voluntarily provided data, where available, if it was requested, but now they will required by law to retain it for a year.

Minister for Security and Counter-terrorism Tony McNulty told BBC Radio 4 that the data could provide three levels of information, the simplest being about the phone's owner.

"Say some old lady has got difficulties with someone who's repaired the gas in her house and has a mobile phone for somebody who's clearly dodgy," Mr McNulty said.

"The local authorities can just get the subscriber information next to that number.

"The second level of data is not simply the subscriber, but also the calls made by that phone.

"And the third level which is purely for the security forces, police, etc, is not just the subscriber information and the calls made, but also the calls coming in and location data - where the calls are made from."

Personal 'profile'

A person's location can be pinpointed to within a few feet by identifying the mobile phone mast used to transmit their call.

Shami Chakrabarti, director of civil rights group Liberty, said people were more concerned than ever about their personal privacy, especially how many bodies had access to their phone records.

"There are actually a very broad range of purposes for which this information about who we've been phoning and when can be revealed," Ms Chakrabarti said.

"It includes, for example, the Gaming Board, the Food Standards Authority and every district and county council in the country."

She said requests for information would not be limited to those concerning serious crime and national security.

"We're talking about a profile that can be built of your personal relationships on the basis of who you've been speaking to and when."

Public consulted

Mr McNulty said local councils would only have access to data on "a legitimate and proportional basis".

"(To say) that all of a sudden anyone and everyone's information is available, that all these authorities somehow have the right to go fishing and snooping, simply isn't the case," he added.

Nick Clegg, Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman, said: "Once again this government has been caught red-handed creating new surveillance state powers with no meaningful public or parliamentary debate.

The Home Office said the plans had been through a public consultation and said a senior police officer would have to approve any request for phone data.

Councils would only be able to use the powers to "prevent and detect crime - not for the collection of taxes", the spokesman added.

The new law brings Britain in line with an EU directive on the retention of phone data.

Reported by The BBC Monday, 1 October 2007, 10:19 GMT 11:19 UK

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Skype offers cut-price phone sex Premium-rate numbers added to UK speed dials - Skype is slashing the price of premium-rate phone calls made via its broadband-based calling service. From now on, anyone using its VoIP (voice over internet protocol) service to dial a UK number with an 09 prefix will be able to do so for less than if they dialled from a standard analogue landline.

While many British businesses use 09 numbers as a way of recouping the expense involved in providing support to customers or for advice and information lines, Skype cites services such as ‘professional, advisory, counselling and entertainment spaces’ among the sorts of business that depend on an 09 prefix for revenue. It goes on to state that ‘the 09 series is particularly popular’ for ‘the likes of purchasing mobile ringtones and advisory lines such as love, relationships and astrology’.

Skype offers cutprice phone calls via a broadband connection or a wi-fi hotspot to subscribers to its Skype, SkypeIn, SkypeOut and other VoIP services.

Customers fed up with the expense as well as the inconvenience of hanging on a premium-rate telephone line to get through to IT or utility support staff can at least draw heart from the fact that doing so over VoIP will now cost a lot less.

Skype breaks down the premium-rate numbers into five price bands, ranging from 29 pence a minute including VAT for the cheapest number rising to £1.73 per minute for the most expensive calls. To establish how much you might save, you need to enter the number in question into a query box on the Skype home page at – a neat way for the company to judge interest.

In the interests of research, we found a few 09-prefixed numbers to compare pricing. While we found the site rather temperamental, we were able to establish that of the handful of numbers we were able to get it to register, the savings weren’t exactly breathtaking. And in at least one case, calling the number via Skype actually cost more.

Skype said it would charge us £1.50 a minute (£1.73 per min inc VAT) for both an astrology line and a phone sex line that were in any case advertised at that price. However, for a number advertised online at £1 a minute, the Skype service also said it would charge us its top rate of £1.73 a minute.

Perhaps the moral here is not to be seduced by marketing hype any more than by premium rate phone sex listings. Or perhaps who this service is really aimed at is lonely hearts who find themselves the other side of the globe and keen to hear some, er, words of encouragement from back home.

Parents or business owners concerned about users being able to dial up numbers offering adult content or racking up huge bills are assures that Skype account owners can block access to 09 numbers through their My Account settings.

Of the many VoIP-based setups, Skype is the best known, with 171 million registered users worldwide and online auction house eBay as its parent company.

News reported by The BBC Rosemary Haworth April 3, 2007

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