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Jail and Lashes for 3 in Camera Phone Sex Assault - RIYADH, 7 January 2005 — Two young Saudis have been sentenced by the high court here to prison terms and flogging for orchestrating and filming a Nigerian driver sexually assaulting a 17-year-old girl, Al-Watan newspaper reported yesterday.

Judge Muhammad ibn Abdullah Al-Luhaidan sentenced the main defendant, Barjis ibn Faleh, 27, to 12 years imprisonment and 1,200 lashes, while compatriot Abdulrahman ibn Haif, 22, was sentenced to two years and 200 lashes, Al-Watan reported.

“The Nigerian driver who appeared in the film, Youssef Abkar Mohammad Abdullah, was sentenced to a six-year imprisonment and 600 lashes,” the paper said.

The scandal, which shocked the conservative Saudi society, broke out after the accused circulated footage of the assault through mobile phones equipped with cameras.

The trio used the camera phone Panda and distributed the phone clip using Blue Tooth and on websites.

The trio came to be known as the Panda gang.

The phone clip shows the girl pleading as she is assaulted by the driver, while one of the two young men, apparently her former boyfriend, hurls abuse at her.

Legal sources told Al-Watan that the high court’s decision was not final and that the accused could appeal the decision to the supreme judicial council which will issue a final decision.

Sources also told Al-Watan that the lashes would not be delivered at one go but would be distributed every Friday until the punishment is completed.

The two Saudis were arrested last July after the girl’s family lodged a complaint.

Many people in Saudi Arabia had expressed anger at the men’s behavior on Internet sites. They had demanded tough punishment for the three so it will be a lesson to everyone.

Once the video clip was distributed, the police arrested the three gang members and detained them in Al-Sulaimaneya prison for investigation and later transferred to Al-Hayer prison southeast of Riyadh.

Friday 7 January 2005 (27 Dhul Qa`dah 1425)

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Hey, sailors ... Boating hotline leads to phone sex - A federal government toll-free phone line to encourage safe boating is directing callers in New Brunswick to a phone-sex offer instead.

Officials at Transport Canada are scrambling to shut down the connection after receiving a number of calls from upset boaters in the past few days.

When they call the number for Transport Canada's Office of Boating Safety listed in the Saint John phone book, boaters get an explicit 45-second greeting inviting them to use their credit cards to try phone sex.

"We understand it's due to some type of unfortunate error, but exactly what it is, I can't say," said Transport Canada spokesperson Steve Bone.

A year ago, Transport Canada took over the Office of Boating Safety from the coast guard. Bone speculates that the error may have originated then.

Isabelle Robinson from Aliant, Atlantic Canada's phone company, said toll-free numbers are recycled when their operators no longer need them.

"They get placed in a database and that number is available for reuse, typically in about four months," she said.

The number was recently assigned to a U.S. service provider, Robinson said.

Bone said Transport Canada is working with Aliant to see if they can block the number when callers from Canada dial it.

Last Updated: Thursday, April 14, 2005 | 9:46 AM ET CBC News

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Phone sex firm's odd bedfellows - Phone sex.

What do Microsoft, eBay and the Carlyle Group -- employer of a number of former high-ranking government officials -- have in common?

And pet psychics.

The two West Coast tech titans, along with the influential Washington financial firm, are investors in a small San Francisco company called Ingenio, which offers pay-per-minute telephone advice on a variety of topics.

Some of those topics, such as accounting and personal finance, will cause no eyebrows to be raised.

Others might seem, well, a bit unusual for respectable outfits like Microsoft and eBay, not to mention Carlyle, which in recent years has counted among its associates the likes of ex-President George H.W. Bush and former Secretary of State James Baker.

One Ingenio service, NiteFlirt, essentially serves as an online mall at which customers can choose from among hundreds of purveyors of pay-per-minute phone sex.

Another service, Keen, is a dial-a-psychic site that links the spiritually needy with assorted pay-per-minute clairvoyants, pet psychics, astrologers and people claiming a pipeline to "voices from beyond."

Ingenio supplies the online forum through which independent practitioners of these exotic skills seek customers, as well as the technology to facilitate calls.

The company also gets a 20 percent cut of all calls made through NiteFlirt and Keen, which typically cost between 99 cents and $4.99 a minute (although some calls can run considerably more).

Microsoft declined to comment on its relationship with Ingenio.

EBay spokesman Hani Durzy said the San Jose company's roughly $2 million stake in Ingenio resulted from an earlier promotional agreement that's since expired.

He said eBay wasn't aware of Ingenio's phone-sex business. In light of this, Durzy said, "we are evaluating this investment."

Ingenio says Microsoft and eBay each own less than 2 percent of the company. Both are passive investors, meaning that they have no say over Ingenio's day-to-day operations.

Not so with Carlyle, which owns about 4 percent of Ingenio.

A Carlyle Group managing director, Robert Grady, sits on Ingenio's board of directors and is knowledgeable about most aspects of the company's operations, including the phone-sex and dial-a-psychic services.

"He's a great board member," said Marc Barach, Ingenio's chief marketing officer. "He provides us guidance on a frequent basis."

Grady couldn't be reached for comment.

But Chris Ullman, a Carlyle spokesman, said Grady was named to the board after Ingenio's 2003 purchase of a firm in which Carlyle owned a significant stake, a dot-com called InfoRocket.

He said Carlyle wasn't aware of Ingenio's phone-sex or psychic-hotline operations when the acquisition was announced but acknowledged that no effort has been made since that time to sell off the Ingenio holding.

"Our goal is to preserve our investors' capital," Ullman said. "Through this merger, we have succeeded in that."

The Carlyle Group is chaired by Louis Gerstner, former chief executive officer of IBM. The firm holds substantial stakes in a variety of industries, including telecom, tech and defense.

Carlyle's senior advisers include Richard Darman, who served as budget director under the first President Bush; Arthur Levitt, former chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission; and Thomas "Mack" McLarty, chief of staff under former President Bill Clinton.

Until shortly after the 2001 attack on the World Trade Center in New York, the Carlyle Group also counted family members of Osama bin Laden among its well-heeled investors.

Whatever else, phone sex and Ingenio's other offerings have been highly lucrative for all concerned. The privately held company posted about $67 million in revenue last year.

The bulk of these sales, said Barach, the chief marketing officer, come from the "advice" services of the NiteFlirt, Keen and Ingenio sites.

At NiteFlirt, for example, a listing for Greedy Gabriella says this "spoiled little princess" enjoys "many different fetishes." She charges $2.69 a minute to discuss them.

Accompanying customer ratings give Greedy Gabriella five stars. One of the few comments printable here praises Gabriella for her "very nice attitude."

Generally speaking, spiritual fulfillment is costlier to obtain via Ingenio than sexual pleasure. At Keen, a psychic calling herself Lady Campbell of San Francisco charges $17.20 a minute for her insights.

For a more economical $1.99 a minute, a woman named Regina says she can communicate with "pets that are living and pets that have passed on to the 'other side.' " She does this, she says, with the help of angels and spirit guides.

Ingenio's Barach sought to distance himself from these aspects of his company's business.

"We create marketplaces," he said. "The consumers purchase in real time whatever they want from the seller."

In any case, he said Ingenio is more excited about the potential for what it calls pay-per-call technology, which evolved from the phone-sex and dial-a- psychic operations. The company believes this is the next big thing in online advertising.

The way it works is this: Ingenio takes on businesses as advertising clients. It arranges for a toll-free phone number to come up any time a Web user searches for something related to a client's product or service.

When that number is dialed, Ingenio routes the call to its client's office, taking an average $7 referral fee in the process.

AOL recently agreed to offer Ingenio's pay-per-call service on its search engine. Barach said Ingenio hopes to eventually cut similar deals with the likes of Google and Yahoo.

Ingenio has only a few thousand pay-per-call advertising clients. But Barach said the company sees a potential marketplace of as many as 13 million businesses. "It's a very, very large market," he said.

And that may be so. In the meantime, however, Ingenio will continue relying for profit on the services of Greedy Gabriella and Regina.

And for investors like the Carlyle Group, that's apparently just fine.

David Lazarus Wednesday, August 3, 2005 SFGate

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